Monday, January 10, 2022

VOYAGER - Music Composed by Steve Montgomery | Electronic/Cinematic



This is a track called Voyager composed by Steve Montgomery using the Tom Wolfe Solus soundset for Omnisphere 2. All sounds except for Drums are from this set of patches. 

It's a slightly upbeat electronic synth track with some cinematic drums. Slightly different than what the set was made more, but shows how diverse it can be with other styles of music. 

Learn more about Solus here

Featuring 100 presets and 39 soundsources, Solus is full of lo-fi ambient sounds for Omnisphere with just a splash of cinematic character. Ranging from crackly, atmospheric pads to delicate, brittle keyboards, these presets explore and celebrate the beauty in the imperfect. Solus has a warm, grainy character at the heart of it and proudly displays it’s flaws. This makes it perfect for ambient music, as well as adding a lo-fi quality to film and media cues. 

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