Hello, my name is Steve Montgomery, and I am a musician of several solo projects. Back in the day, I began playing in metal bands as a drummer, then as a singer, and when the bands eventually fell apart, I started doing my own thing more seriously. Even though I love metal music, I have always loved film score music. In my younger years, I collected film score soundtracks and Tangerine Dream albums. The music of Tangerine Dream was my escapism. I would fall asleep to it almost every night, and synth music always had a deep imprint in my life. As a young child, I remember John Carpenter's Halloween trailer airing on the television set at my Grandmother's house. When I heard the music, it would never leave my mind. I bought my first professional synth in 1996, which was a Kurzweil K2000VP that I still own today. I later began buying more hardware synthesizers until my hobby became too expensive, and I learned about Virtual Instruments. One of the first instruments I purchased was the original Arturia Collection. Then I discovered Eastwest Instruments, and then Native Instruments Kontakt libraries. My first Kontakt library was from Sample Logic, and after that, it was over. I was then addicted to music software, and hardware synths took a back seat. The projects that I have released were two Notic Reign albums (using Kurzweill 2000 and a Roland Fantom), three SDM albums (Hardware Synths Only), five Darkmood albums (1st-2nd Kurzweill 2000, Roland Fantom & M-Audio Venom, etc. & the 3rd-5th one were with Kontakt instruments, Omnisphere, and other synths), and an Infinite Mindscape album (using a combination of virtual instruments and synths). 


My music has been featured on radio, independent media productions, television productions, award-winning podcasts, nationwide festivals, overhead music in shopping malls, music video channels, and reached the number 1 charts on several music platforms. I composed music for a tv show comedy called 'Tik Tok Famous', a pilot for an adventure show, and a mini-doc called 'Shadows of Bartonville'. I am also a composer for Scorekeepers Music in Los Angeles and some other music library platforms. My music has also been feature in some television programs like Snapped: Killer Couples and streaming services like Peacock, Amazon Prime video, NBC, the Oxygen channel and more.


Anyway, there's much more, but that sums up some of my beginnings. Thank you for taking the time to check out my partial story. I will add more later.

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